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Over 1,700 km of roads repaired in Minsk Oblast


The modernization of the local road network in the Minsk region is proceeding at a faster pace.

This was stated by the head of Minskobldorstroy Denis Stepanov. As part of the four-year state program for the development and maintenance of roads in the capital region, more than 1,700 kilometers have been repaired from the planned nearly 2,000. Today, there are all prerequisites to assert that the plan will be implemented, Belarus 1 reports.

Denis Stepanov, general director of Minskobldorstroy CUE: “We have a clear and understandable, ranked list of repairs in the region. That is, all roads that are to be repaired in the near foreseeable future are fixed, named. They are all practically in use. Today there is no doubt that we will carry out this work."

As part of the program, stopping points, pedestrian and bicycle paths were built and modernized. This work is also ahead of the curve.