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Hospitals of Minsk Oblast return to their usual routine


Health facilities in the central region, redesigned to provide medical care to patients with COVID-19 infection, are gradually returning to their usual routine.

Among the first are Kopyl, Stolbtsy, Kletsk region hospitals, MLYN.BY reports.

Patients with COVID-19 infection were admitted by most healthcare facilities in Minsk Oblast. More than three thousand beds were redeveloped to provide medical care. A third have already returned to normal operation.

- Cherven and Starye Dorogi central region hospitals provided assistance on the basis of infection departments. In the other CRHs and Zhodino Central City Hospital, the beds of therapeutic, surgical, obstetric and gynecological and other profiles were additionally redesigned,” said Olga Lazareva, head of the treatment and preventive care department of the main health department of the regional executive committee. - Since June 23, in most healthcare institutions in the region, a gradual reduction in infectious beds has begun. From July 10, Kletsk Central Region Hospital returned to normal operation; from July 13, the list will be replenished with Berezino, Vileyka and Kopyl.

Minsk Regional Center for Medical Rehabilitation "Zagorje" was one of the first to accept people assigned to first-level contacts, and subsequently patients with COVID-19 infection. From July 14, after the final disinfection, the rehabilitation departments of the center (cardiology, neurology, orthopedic and traumatology) will be ready to receive 180 patients in need of medical rehabilitation. Since July 6, after a break for a period of an unfavorable epidemic situation, the regional children's center for medical rehabilitation "Pukhovichi" has resumed work, which on July 10 accepted 140 children for rehabilitation.

In May, it became known that pregnant residents of the Minsk region with COVID-19 infection will give birth in Molodechno. For expectant mothers, departments of the maternity hospital of Molodechno Central Region Hospital were reassigned.

According to Olga Lazareva, from July 13, the hospital will begin to work as usual. There will be one isolated unit in the health care facility in case pregnant women with COVID-19 infection are identified in the future.