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More than 121 thousand tons of rapeseed harvested in Minsk Oblast


As told in the Agriculture and Food Office of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, as of the morning of July 21, the agrarians of Minsk Oblast threshed more than 121 thousand tons of rapeseed.

The yield was 21.9 kg/ha.

In total, rapeseed was harvested from 55 thousand hectares of areas - this is 62.5% of the plan. In general, this crop must be removed from 88.4 thousand hectares.

Also, work continues on the areas where winter barley is sown. As of July 21, 96.6% of this crop was harvested in the region. But grains and legumes (without corn, buckwheat, millet) in the region harvested 12.6 thousand hectares - 2.6% of the plan.